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'A Storm of Swords' is the best book of George R. R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' franchise. The ending, which for anybody who're knowledgable tends to take about sixty pages as there are multiple storylines told in the perspectives of the number of characters, was obviously a crescendo of action pact goodness that has a visual of a wolf head sewn on the body of one with the characters.

I became a moment fan, not in the books but from the notion of a fantasy book being made into a TV series. Then the more I read about ASOIAF the harder intrigued I became that is certainly when, 30 days before airing on HBO, I as a book reader was required to read the book first in order to obtain the nuances and references I saw blasted everywhere.

The film having a running period of 1 hr. 50 min. is loosely using the myth Greek of Perseus. It is about the struggle for power of men against kings and kings against gods. Perseus is helpless to avoid wasting his family from vengeful god Hades amidst the possible destruction of the world brought on by the war from the gods themselves. Perseus voluntarily undertakes an unsafe mission for defeat Hades and takes dangerous journey deep into forbidden worlds. Only by accepting his power as a god, confronting his fate, could he persist.

Islam is a religion that accepts human instinct as it is, in lieu of pretending it is another thing according to idealism or wishful thinking. In Islam, the sexual urge is regarded as a natural part of human experience, a blessing from God when channeled properly, but one that may debase human dignity if left on the whims of human lust. While many Westerners would disagree determined by modern political indoctrination, I would counter that human experience speaks for itself. Whatever ideal the West wishes to impose on the male-female dynamic, the truth of sexual attraction remains stark and undeniable in day-to-day human experience. And Islam's purpose is usually to take human beings while they actually are and inspire the crooks to much better, in lieu of preach empty words that no one actually follows in person. In doing this, Islam establishes a practical way of life, rather than exhorting ideals to be honored with lip service and ignored in way of life.

Good news, fans with the novels -- the show follows it almost exactly. Readers will always be disappointed by screen adaptations that change, distort, or some might say destroy the original material. So far, Game of Thrones has were able to avoid that fate. It helps that George R.R. Martin is one in the artistic directors, writing one episode per season.

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